Component Element Attributes

AttributeValuesExpanded / UnexpandedDescription
NameTextE,UFriendly name.
Typestring, Boolean, etc.EData type classification.
WrappedUptrue, falseE,UWhen true, wraps in expanded XML.
UIDCharacter stringE,UUnique identifier for element.
labelTextE,UWords that display above the element in the Edit tab.
ComponentxIDUReference identifier to component.
readonlytrue, falseUWhen true, element is visible, but grayed out and unable to be modified without permission to modify readonly elements.
hiddentrue, falseUWhen true, hidden from groups without permission to view hidden elements.
requiredtrue, falseUWhen true, the page cannot be checked in without a value in the element.
indexabletrue, falseUWhen true, element is included in the index and is searchable. Default is false.
CompTypesstring, Boolean, etc.UComponent data type classification.
AutoEmbedtrue, falseUWhen true, component is embedded automatically.
LockEmbedStatetrue, falseUWhen true, locks embed state.
AllowWrappingChangetrue, falseUWhen true, allows changes to XML wrapping.
Embeddedtrue, falseUWhen true, creates embedded content upon page creation.
CIIDCharacter stringUContent Unit ID.


Component Element Attributes (Unexpanded)


Component Element Attributes (Expanded)