Creating Component Schemas

Prerequisites: See Schema Designer Prerequisites for details.

In Schema Designer, users with permissions can create component schemas, which serve as templates for instances referenced by pages, referenced by content units, or embedded in pages.

To create a component schema:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer > Management.

    Click New in Actions Menu of Schema Designer Management Tab

  2. Click New in the Actions menu to create a schema.
    The new schema form displays in the Create/Edit view.
  3. Select Component from the Content Type drop-down list.
  4. Enter a Display Name for the schema.
    The system automatically populates the Root Name field with the Display Name you provided. The Root Name omits special characters and spaces.

    New Component Schema in Schema Designer

  5. Select an icon to represent the component schema from the Icon drop-down list.
  6. Optional: Add taxonomy categories to the schema within Taxonomy Configuration. See Associating Taxonomy with Schemas for details.
  7. Optional: Add a workflow to the schema within Workflow Configuration See Associating Workflows with Schemas for details.
    You can select a workflow only after saving the schema.
  8. Add elements to the schema within the Elements tab. See Adding Elements to Schemas for details.
  9. Optional: Add attributes to the schema within the Attributes tab. See Adding Attributes to Schemas for details.
  10. Click Save in the Schema Actions menu when you finish creating and modifying the schema.
    The Save Schema dialog displays.

    Save Schema Dialog

  11. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Click Save Draft. Schema Designer saves the schema as a draft.
      If you save the schema as a draft, then the draft icon displays next to the schema in the Schema Designer Component Types tab, and the system prevents users from selecting this schema to create components and content units.

      Draft Icon in Component Types Tab of Schema Designer

      Save the draft as a new version to provide the schema as an option to users for creating components and content units.

    • Click Save new version. Schema Designer saves your schema as a new version.
    See Editing Component Schemas for details to edit component schema drafts and versions.
    The system creates the component schema. You can access this schema in the Component Types tab of Schema Designer.