Adding Pages to Workflow

How to Add Pages to Workflow | Add pages to workflow to initiate the workflow process and assign groups or users to the pages.

A page creation rule (PCR) can put a new page into workflow, automatically. A page that had not been created as a PCR must be entered into workflow, manually. The steps below demonstrate how to add a page, manually.

To add a page to workflow:

  1. Navigate to Site.
  2. In the Site Tree, right-click the page that you want to add to workflow.
  3. Select Add to Workflow.

    Add to Workflow

  4. Choose a workflow in the Select Workflow dialog.

    Select Workflow

  5. Click OK.

To view a page's workflow values (workstate, work group, etc.) expand the Page Properties box. The Edit tab must be refreshed to see recent changes to page properties. Refresh the Edit tab by clicking the Refresh button in the toolbar.