DITA Publishing Logs

Users can access the DITA logs and post processing logs after executing DITA transformation processes.


Users can access the DITA logs in Administration > Publishing Monitor. These logs provide the DITA-OT transformation log details associated with executed CMS DITA publishes and previews.

Use the interface to do the following:

  • Review the DITA log entries as they generate in real-time during the DITA publishing process.
  • Download DITA logs to your local machine.
  • Download DITA temp files to your local machine.

Administration > Publishing Monitor > Show DITA Logs

Post Processing Status Console Dialog > Logs Tab

See Accessing DITA Publish and Preview Logs for details.

Post-Publish Processing Logs

Users can access the post-publish processing logs in the Post Processed tab via Administration > Publishing Logs. These logs provide the complete list of output files generated in the pub folder from the DITA publish. The log details include the output file names and paths, and, if applicable, errors that occurred during the DITA publish.

Administration > Publishing Logs > Publishes > Post Processed Tab

See Post-Publish Processing Logs for details.