Accessing Pending Publishes

Prerequisites: See Publishing Prerequisites for details.

Users can access each pending publish session's details and view to-be published content items. The Pending view serves as the queue for executing pending publishes.
To access a pending publish:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publish Monitor > Pending. Data for each pending publish displays.

    Pending Publishes View

  2. Select or clear the Show IDs of pages to be published checkbox for each pending publish session. If selected, content item IDs display that will publish when the CMS executes the session.
    Additional Information
    The first pending publish executes and moves to the Publishing view under the following conditions:
    • The in-progress publish in the Publishing view completes.
    • The pending publish Task Status field displays Ready.

    You can drag the pending publish(es) to change the order in which the CMS executes publish sessions. To cancel the pending publish, see Canceling Publishes for details.