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Setting Up InSite Search with the Dynamic Execute Component

In most CMS/DSS instances, the easiest way to implement InSite Search is to use the Dynamic Execute (DEX) component. These configuration options assume that the site:

  • Uses the latest service release of Ingeniux CMS 9.x, including the most recent InSite Search NuGet package.
  • Has a basic search results page schema and view.

To create an InSite Search component:

  1. Navigate to Site.
  2. In the Site Tree, select a node that will be the parent of the new DEX component (e.g., navigate to your orgainization's components folder).
  3. Click the New button in the Edit tab.
  4. Select Component in the drop-down list. The Create New Component dialog displays.

    DEX Search Component

  5. Provide a name of the component in the Name field (e.g., Search Component).
  6. Select "DEX - Ingeniux Search - Local" from the Select Type drop-down list.
  7. Click Create. You've now created the search component that will be included within a search page.

  8. Locate your search results page in the Site Tree. It should contain a component element that accepts DEX components.

    Search Component

  9. Click Select to bring it into the page. The Select a Component dialog displays.
  10. Search for your newly created component within the dialog.
  11. Click OK. The Select a Component dialog closes.
  12. Check in the search component and the search results page that includes it.

  13. Configure the index for the DSS site.

  14. Publish the search component and the research results page to the DSS site.

  15. Load the search results page (e.g., http://your-dss-server/x1234.xml?terms=test-search-term).

    Note: Search terms are case sensitive.

  16. In the XML tab of your search page, verify that the search component has expanded. The search page's XML should resemble this page:

    Search XML

  17. Update your site's views to render the XML search results.