CMS 10.5+ Custom Hooks

Ingeniux CMS 10.5 must be installed. See CMS Statistics to check the site version.


  • CMS 10.5 must be installed to access Custom Hooks. For the custom macros feature, CMS 10.6 must be installed. See CMS Statistics for details to check your version.

You can view CustomHooks.cs directly in the CMS user interface by going to Administration > Maintenance > Custom Hooks. Keep in mind this view is read-only. The CustomHooks.cs file resides in [Drive:]\[path-to-cms-site-instance]\App_Data\xml\Custom within the CMS file system..

Custom Hooks File Viewer

Users can access the following tools within this Custom Hooks area:

Refresh ButtonRefresh
Click the Refresh button to display the latest CustomHooks.cs version.
Download ButtonDownload
Click the Download button to download CustomHooks.cs to your local system.
Click within CustomHooks.cs file content, and press CTRL+F to display the search field. You can use this tool to search for code within the file.
Version Notes: CMS 10.6

CMS 10.6 provides two tabs in the Custom Hooks interface. The Hooks tab provides the read-only CustomHooks.cs file, and the Macros tab provides a list of custom macro functions users can run directly from the interface. The custom macros feature is exclusive to CMS 10.6.


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