Marking Pages for Publish

The mark-for-publish action tells the CMS that the changes made to a checked-in pages are ready to be published. This action helps ensure that pages will not be prematurely published. Marked pages are associated with specific publishing targets. This functionality is useful for sites that employ test environments, because you can test new content in one environment while an older version of the content remains marked for publish to the live environment.

The Site Tree reflects mark-for-publish status. If marked for publish, the page name displays in bold text. If unmarked for publish, the name displays in plain text. New pages are unmarked for publish by default.

When marking a page for publish, you can choose to mark only the page itself or to mark the page and all its children. These two options ("page" or "page and children") make it easy to configure site-wide publishing options while making exceptions for individual pages. For example, if you mark the home page and its children for publish, you effectively tell the CMS to send the whole site to the publishing folder on the next full publish. Having taken this site-wide action, you can then unmark individual pages that are not ready to be published.

Caution: A new page must be checked in before it can be marked for publish. This prevents incomplete pages from appearing in navigations. Attempting to mark a new checked-out page for publish generates a Processing error message.

Mark for Publish Error

To mark a page for publish:

  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Right-click the page in the Site Tree.
  3. Select Mark/Unmark for Publish.
    • If the selected content item is a parent, you have the option to choose Page or Page and Children.
    • If the content item has no children, the option menu does not display.
    The Mark/Unmark pages for publish dialog displays.

    Mark for Publish

  4. Select the checkbox(es) in the Marked for Publish column to associate the content item(s) with one or multiple publishing targets.
  5. Select the appropriate version of the content item(s) to apply to your chosen publishing target(s) in the Version to Publish column.
  6. Click OK.