Exporting Group Data

How to Export User Group Data | Download group data in Excel XML format.

Administrators can export group data from Ingeniux CMS to their local computers.

To export user group data:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users/Groups > Groups. The Groups table displays.
  2. Click the table icon. This action exports the groups list to your computer in Excel's XML format.

    Exporting Users Data

  3. Retrieve Ingeniux_CMS_UserGroups.xls from your system's default download location.

    Groups List Reference:

    Field Example Description
    Group ID UserGroup/1 System identifier of group
    Group Name Administrators Name of group
    Users Count 3 Number of users in group
    Page Creation Rules Count 2 Number of PCRs available to group
    Workflows Count 3 Number of workflows available to members of group

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