Setting Properties on Assets

The assets and asset folders are treated like pages and page folders in version 10, so setting node-level properties on assets is the same procedure as with pages.

You must first have adequate permissions, provided by a CMS administrator, before you can set properties on assets.

To set node-level security on assets and asset folders:

  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. In the Assets Tree, right-click an asset or asset folder. The context menu displays.
  3. Click Properties from the list.

    Asset Properties

  4. See the following tabs for for their respective field descriptions:

    Asset Folders Extensions Tab

    As asset folders are not published, there is no Mark for Publish tab on asset folders. There is, however, an Extensions tab that allows you to define extensions that are allowed within the asset folder.

    Asset Folders Extensions Tab

  5. Click OK when finished.

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