Creating Device Previews

Prerequisites: See Publishing Prerequisites for details.

If you want to create a device-specific preview, you can group multiple devices into a bundle and designate a representative device for the bundle. The user agent of the representative device generates a preview for all the bundled devices.
To add a new device bundle and devices:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Device Manager.
  2. Ensure that the Enable Mobile Devices Emulation checkbox has been selected.
  3. Click the Add new Device Bundle button (+). A new device form opens.
  4. Enter a name or partial name for the device in the Name field.
  5. Click Add Devices.
  6. Select a device (or multiple devices) from the Select Mobile Devices dialog.
    In the Search field, you can modify the device name that you provided , then click the Search icon. A list of device bundles that meet your search criterion will display.
  7. Choose the appropriate device(s) from the list.

    Bundled Devices

    Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Click to select multiple list items.
  8. Click Select.
  9. Click Save. The new device bundle name(s) displays in the Select Device Emulation drop-down menu in the Preview and Design tabs.
To add more devices to a bundle:
  1. Click Add Devices.
  2. Select a device (or multiple devices) from the Select Mobile Devices dialog.
  3. Enter a device name or partial name in the Search field, then click the Search icon.
  4. Choose the appropriate device from the list.
  5. Click Select.
  6. Click Save.

The first device you add to the bundle automatically becomes the representative device, but you can change the representative device at any time. The flag icon indicates the representative device.