CMS 10.6 Setting Boost Multipliers for Fields Site Wide

Prerequisites: Administrators must configure page types and fields before configuring boost multipliers. See CMS 10.6 Search Indexing for details.

Once page types and fields have been selected for indexing, administrators can selectively boost fields used across their organization's website.

To boost a field used across a site:
  1. Navigate to Administration > InSite Search > Boost.
  2. Select the Fields Site-Wide tab in the InSite Search Configuration pane.
    The text-based fields across the website, which are associated with indexed page types, display.
  3. Select the publishing target where the field boosts will apply via the Publishing Target drop-down list.
    If multiple publishing targets will use the field boosts, then, after you finish setting your configurations, you can batch apply the settings to multiple publishing targets.

    Publishing Target Drop-Down List

  4. In the Boost Value column, change the boost value of each corresponding field to suit your needs. Enter the number value manually or use the number picker arrows.
    You can use Find Fields to search for fields in the list.

    InSite Search > Boost > Fields Site-Wide

  5. Select Save.
  6. Optional: If you want to batch apply your InSite Search configuration changes to additional publishing targets, then complete the following steps.
    This tool batch applies your other InSite Search configuration changes (i.e., index and custom settings) along with your boost settings to the additional publishing targets. After batch applying these changes, previous configurations cannot be recovered.
    1. Select Apply All Settings to... in the bottom-right corner of the InSite Search configuration pane.
      The Apply to Publishing Targets dialog displays.

      Add to Publishing Targets Dialog

    2. Select the additional publishing targets where you want your InSite Search configuration changes to apply, and click OK.
      You can use the Publishing Target Name field to search for available publishing targets.
    The system applies your InSite Search configuration changes to the other publishing targets.