Cartella Documentation

Learn about Ingeniux Cartella. Strengthen your knowledge, develop your skill, and stay up-to-date on the latest product releases. 

Table of Contents

Cartella Overview

Ingeniux Cartella is an enterprise social software solution that makes it easy to collaborate and share information online. Cartella helps organizations manage web content, social publishing, creative communities, and rich media—all on a single platform. Whether you’re launching a sales extranet, an employee intranet, or an enterprise-level social network, Cartella provides powerful, innovative solutions.

Installation and Setup

Cartella Installation and Setup: Install the Cartella software. Configure and customize the installation.

Using Cartella

Using Cartella: Navigate and work with the Cartella user interface.

Developing Cartella

Developing Cartella: Provides information useful to Cartella developers.


Scenarios: This section includes typical procedures that may involve multiple members of your support team in various roles or multiple sets of steps that make up a single procedure.

Troubleshooting the Installation

Troubleshooting Cartella Installation: Provides solutions to issues that Cartella customers may experience during the installation of Cartella.