Link Element Attributes

AttributeValuesExpanded / UnexpandedDescription
TypeUField identifier.
NameE,UFriendly name.
LinkTextE,UType of link: external, document
UIDCharacter stringE,UUnique ID for element.
labelTextE,UWords that display above the element in the Edit tab.
readonlytrue, falseUWhen true, element is visible, but grayed out and unable to be modified without permission to modify read-only elements.
hiddentrue, falseUWhen true, hidden from groups without permission to view hidden elements.
requiredtrue, falseUWhen true, the page cannot be checked in without a value in the element.
Indexabletrue, falseWhen true, element is included in the index and is searchable. Default is false.
LinkTexttextUText that will display as "clickable" in the page.
Target_blank, _self, _parentE,UDetermines the window in which the link will open.



E,UPresets the type of link (external or document). If no type is specified, the link defaults to internal instead.
URLxID, document, URLE,UPresets the element with the URL of an external link, document name, or internal xID, depending on the type of link (external, document, internal). This value can be changed in the Edit tab.
Expandedtrue, falseUWhen true, the element is expanded upon page creation.
CIIDCharacter stringUContent Unit ID.


Link Element Attributes

Exports are listed as separate elements nested within this element's start and end tags.


Link Element Attributes