Checking CMS Publishing Logs for Post Processed DITA

Check the CMS publishing logs to review the assets included within the CMS publish, the DITA output files included within post-publish processing, and, if applicable, post-publish processing errors. These logs may provide details about where errors reside and what the errors entail. By reviewing the post-processed output files, users can also assess if the system omitted assets that were expected to go through processing.

To access the CMS post-publish processing logs:

  1. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Navigate to Administration > Publishing Logs.
      Version Notes: CMS 10.6
      This option is only available in CMS 10.6.
    • Navigate to Administration > Publishing Monitor, and click View More... in the Recently Completed area.

      View Publishing Logs via Publishing Monitor

    The publishing logs display.
  2. Choose the publishing target via the Select Publishing Target drop-down list in the top leftmost corner of the main pane.

    View Publishing Logs via Publishing Monitor

  3. Select the Publishes tab.
    The Publish Date pane displays publishes by date and time in chronological, descending order.
  4. Select the publish session to view from the Publish Date pane.
    The session's Publish Details and list of published content and asset items display.
  5. Select the Post Processed tab.
    A list of output files generated from the post-publish processing display. Information includes:
    Data TypeDescription
    File/InformationThe name and relative path of the output file. If an error

    associates with the file, then the error details display within this column entry with red text.

    Is ErrorIf an error associates with the output file, then the error icon displays within this column entry.
    TypeThe type of post-publish content processor used at publish time.

    View Publishing Logs via Publishing Monitor

  6. Review the log data, and note entries that indicate errors. Also, note if the output files list omits any assets that were expected to go through post-publish processing.

Next Steps:

After noting CMS post-publish processing output files and, if applicable, errors and other discrepancies, return to the appropriate troubleshooting topic to continue diagnosing your issue.