Defining DITA Root Folder

  • Create the DITA root asset folder where your DITA content and resources will reside and, if applicable, create an asset folder for custom DTDs. See Creating DITA Asset Root Folder for details.
If the Administration > DITA interface is unavailable and users have DITA management permissions, then ensure Java SDK is installed on the server where Ingeniux CMS resides. See Initial DITA Configuration for details.

All DITA assets must reside in a parent folder, called the DITA root folder, in Assets Manager. Like folders in the Site Tree, folders in the Asset Tree receive identifiers, af/IDs, where asset folder is abbreviated as af. In the DITA Setup area, DITA administrators enter the asset folder identifier (af/ID) and provide additional DITA processing information.

To set configure the DITA root folder once it's been created:
  1. Navigate to Administration > DITA > Setup.
  2. If the DITA Content Location area is collapsed, select the DITA Content Location header to expand the area.
  3. Enter the ID (e.g., af/7) of the root asset folder that will contain all your DITA content in the DITA Root Asset Folder field.

  4. If your organization uses custom DITA document type definitions (DTD), enter the asset folder ID where the custom DTDs reside in the Custom DTD Root Asset Folder field.
    Keep in mind the DTD folder can reside inside or outside the DITA root folder.

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