Working with List Groups

List groups provide a way to add multiple pieces of similar content. For example, a list group could be used to generate a list of links, with the author entering each link, separately.

Each list-group element displays an arrow at the top right that collapses or expands the group. When the element is expanded, you can see the individual items in the list. Each item in the list can be modified in the same way as a regular element.

The number of items in a list group is flexible. Items can be added or removed to meet content needs. Below is an example of components in a list group.

To add items to a list group:

  1. Click the downward arrow to expand the list group, if necessary.
  2. Locate the list item under which the new item should display.
  3. Click Add Item (+). A new element displaysin the list.

To remove items from a list group (Note: removing an element from a list also removes its content.):

  1. Locate the list item to remove.
  2. Click Remove Item (-).