Editing Field Content Units

Prerequisites: See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.

You can edit existing field content units to modify fields, images (i.e., thumbnails and icons), specific group restrictions, built-in views, or elements.

Note: If you make edits, an asterisk (next to the Blocked Groups field) indicates unsaved changes.

Unsaved Changes

To edit a field content unit:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Presentation Content Units. The Management view displays.

    Edit Field Content Unit

  2. Click Edit in the Actions menu. The Create/Edit view opens.
  3. Optional: See Content Unit Views for details to modify built-in views.

    Note: If unsaved changes exist, Preview displays as inactive in the Content Unit Actions menu.

  4. Optional: See Blocking Group Content Unit Access for details to prevent specific groups from accessing this field unit.
  5. Optional: Click Upload Thumbnail to upload a thumbnail that represents the field content unit. The Upload Thumbnail dialog displays. Select an image from your local machine and click Upload.

    Upload Thumbnail

    Note: After creating a content unit, Upload Thumbnail displays as active. Uploading a thumbnail image replaces the generic icon to represent the content unit.

    Version Notes: CMS 10.5

    Click Clear to remove the thumbnail.

    Clear Thumbnail

  6. Edit the appropriate fields. See Creating Field Content Units for field descriptions.

    Edit Fields

    Additional Information:

    The CMS prevents converting saved field content units to component content units. However, you can click Make Copy to duplicate fields to a new content unit, where you can select a new component type. See Copying Field Content Units for details to duplicate field values. See Creating Component Content Units for details to create component units.
  7. Click Save in the Content Unit Actions menu when finished.

    Important: Existing instances of modified content units in a Page Builder presentation don't sync saved changes. Notify presentation content contributors of changes that may affect existing content unit instances. You or the contributor may want to remove the content unit instance and add a new instance to include new edits.