Publishing Within the Administration Area


Administrators can publish and replicate content to individual publishing targets in Publishing System.

Important: If administrators publish from Publishing System, Ingeniux CMS automatically performs replication.

To publish content to a publishing target via the Administration area:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Publishing Targets.
  2. Select the appropriate publishing target from the Managing Publishing Targets list.

    Publish Submitted Dialog

  3. Click New Publish.
  4. Select one of the following options:
    • Incremental Publish: Publishes only checked-in pages that meet the following criteria.
      • Marked for publish in the selected publishing target.
      • Modified since the most recent publish or contain modified dependencies since the most recent publish.
    • Full Publish: Publishes all items that are checked in and marked for publish, regardless of any changes made to these pages.

      Note: A full publish should be used for large-scale updates and should not be conducted during peak business hours.

    Additional Info:

    You may want to execute replication without publishing content in some cases. See Performing Manual Replications for details.

    Publish Submitted Dialog

  5. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Click Monitor Publishes to view the pending publish and logs. See Publishing Monitor for details.
    • Click Close to exit the dialog.