Asset Schemas

As a new feature of Ingeniux CMS 10.x, use Schema Designer to create asset type schemas for files such as images, programming files, and videos.

When users upload assets to CMS 10.x, they associate with a schema. These asset schemas store descriptive metadata about the asset. CMS 10.x includes default schemas with your installation that cover all the standard asset file types necessary for the creation of a website.

An asset file type can associate with as many schemas as necessary to meet the needs of your organization's site design. A single file type may have a variety of use cases in your site. You can create multiple schemas for each use case from the same file type. On the other hand, you may want to use a simplified approach where a file only has a single associated schema. Using a single schema may help users to keep track and get the content into the CMS.

If no file type is represented by a schema, the asset cannot upload to the CMS.

Use Schema Designer to create and edit asset schema types. Users with permissions can add field elements, field attributes, taxonomy and workflow to asset schemas. After creating asset schemas, your team can upload asset instances to Assets Manager.