CMS 10.6 Editing Presentation Notes

Users can add notes for Page Builder presentations within individual site pages.

All users with Page Builder permissions can view and edit the presentation notes.

To edit Page Builder presentation notes:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the page with the Page Builder presentation.
  3. Check out the page, and select the Design tab.
    The Design tab workspace and accordion menu displays.
  4. Expand the Containers accordion menu option.
    The presentation details display.
  5. Select the Edit Presentation Note (note) icon next to the DESIGN button.

    Edit Presentation Notes

    The Edit Presentation Notes dialog displays.
  6. Enter or edit details in the Presentation Notes field.
  7. Select Confirm.
    The Edit Presentation Notes dialog closes.
  8. Select Save in the Design tab toolbar.