Rolling Back Pages

During the content-editing process, you may need to reinstate a previous version of a page. With the rollback feature, this is possible as long as you have sufficient permissions. Rollback will undo any changes to the previously checked-in version of a page. In a typical workflow scenario, a page is checked in each time it's advanced in workflow. Thus, the rollback feature can be used to undo changes from a previous workstate.

To roll back changes:

  1. Navigate to Site.
  2. In the Site Tree, right-click the page that you want to revert.


    Note: If Rollback is dimmed in the menu, ensure that the page is assigned to you and checked out.

  3. Select Rollback. The Rollback Page dialog displays.

    Important: Once you confirm the rollback (next step), the current version will be irretrievable.

  4. Click Rollback to confirm.