Installing the Ingeniux CMS System

Before setting up a CMS site, you must install the CMS system. It's recommended that you review the Ingeniux CMS 9.0 system requirements before installation.

  1. Run the IGXSetup application.
  2. After the installer is extracted, the installation Wizard opens. Click Next.
  3. On the End-User License Agreement dialog, read the license agreement, and check the box indicating you have done so. Click Next. You can click Print to print the license agreement.
  4. On the License Authorization dialog, enter your organization's name and your license key. If you do not have a license key, contact Ingeniux Support.

  5. Select your setup type. There are three options:
    • Typical: Installs the most-common Ingeniux CMS features. This option is adequate for most users.
    • Custom: Lets you choose which program features are installad, and where. Selecting this options brings up a dialog with a tree view of the CMS system. By clicking Browse, you can change the default installation location.
    • Complete: Installs the full suite of CMS features.
  6. After selecting a setup type, click Next.
  7. Click Install to begin the installation. 
  8. When the installation completes, click Finish.

Now you're ready to set up a CMS site.