DSS Logging

As with the CMS, more information is written to the DSS log file as the logging levels increase. Depending upon the environment and the size of the site, the Debug logging level can impact performance.

Changing log levels for the DSS will require conducting any publish to replicate the log level setting definition to the DSS server(s), and a recycle of the DSS application pool to load the setting changes.

Ingeniux recommends using Informational logging unless more information is required for debugging an issue, in which case Debug logging can be enabled, temporarily.

Listed below are some sample entries of the various logging levels:


            [INFO] [20060726T12:53:56] Starting Runtime Server [ProcessID: 2924 ThreadID: 1988]


             [DEBUG] [20060726T12:53:56] CXMLProcessorBase::doSequentialNav()
To configure DSS logging:
  1. Navigate to Administration > System Options > Dynamic Site Server > Dynamic Site Server Logging.

    Dynamic Site Server Logging

  2. Configure the following values:
    • Errors: Logs only publishing errors.
    • Warnings: Logs publishing errors and warning messages.
    • Informational: Logs startup and shutdown of the application, search errors, search-related messages, errors in site configuration, traffic data, and other general information.
    • Debug: Logs files returned from cache, errors occurring with DSS expansion of pages.
  3. When you're finished, click Save.