Creating Embedded Components

Traditionally, creating or updating a component entailed navigating to the part of the site where components are stored. Then, after the item was finished, the user returned to the page and updated its Component element by picking the component or dragging it in from the site tree. Separating components from page content is quite useful for reusing components across multiple pages; however, when the content is not used on more than one page, this separation isn't ideal.

In Ingeniux CMS 9.0, components can be embedded, meaning that components can be created directly on the page element where they're used, without having to leave the edit form. Content can also be edited directly in place without being created as an individual component.

To create an embedded component:

  1. On the edit form, navigate to the Component element.
  2. Click Embed.
  3. Complete the component and click Save.

It's important to note that embedding components makes most sense when content will only be used locally. For content that will be shared across many pages, it's better to create a component globally.