List of Workflow Actions

The following workflow actions can be configured in the Ingeniux CMS:
  • Archive Page: Archives the page after the transition with which the action is associated.
  • Bridge to Another Workflow: Transitions the page into a different workflow. This action effectively cancels the original transition. To select the new workflow, open the action and choose from the Workflow drop-down menu.
  • Check in: Checks in the page before the transition to the next workstate.
  • Check out: Checks out the page beefore moving it to the next workstate.
  • Custom: Creates a custom action that executes before the transition. The action is invoked via the COM interface. A custom action requires a ProgID and a Method value, which you can enter by opening the action and completing the appropriate fields. If a custom DLL requires that additional information be passed on, additional attributes and their values can be added via the Add Custom Attribute field.
  • External Client: Provides an option to call an ASP or other web-based file to execute prior to the completion of the transition. The default attributes are as follows:
    • URL: Specifies the relative or absolute URL of the page to execute during the transition. A failure in this URL may prevent the transition and its actions from completing.
    • Size: Specifies the size of the window in pixels ("W" = width; "H" = height).

    To configure the default attributes, open the action and fill in the appropriate fields.

  • Mark for Publish: Marks the page for publish before moving it to the next workstate.
  • Modify Page Lifetime: Allows modification of the life cycle of the page. This action requires two attributes, StartDate and EndDate. These values can be standard ISO dates (e.g., 20030615) or variable expressions processed by the CMS macro engine. For example, a page with the following values would be published immediately and would live on the site for 7 days:

    StartDate = %now%

    EndDate = %now+168:00%

    You can also select start and end dates from the graphical calendar interface.

  • Publish: Performs a single-page incremental publish (the current page and all dependencies that were modified since the last publish). The incremental publish occurs before the page is transitioned to the next workstate. Open the action to select publishing targets.
  • Revert to Version: Reverts to a previous version of the page.
  • Send Mail: Sends a notification email prior to transition to a user group not otherwise associated with the transition. This action requires that the CMS be configured to use a valid SMTP server. To select the user group, open the action and choose from the Group ID drop-down menu.
  • Unmark for Publish: Unmarks the page for publish before moving it to the next workstate.