Folio Administration

Prerequisites: Users require folio administrator+ permissions in the folio, sub-folio, module, or module item to access this area.

Users and groups assigned the role of Folio Administrators (or a custom role with moderator permissions) have access to management views to approve, delete, edit, restore, and purge content within folios, sub-folios, and modules.

Users with moderator permissions access the management views for assigned folios, sub-folios, and modules:

  • Inbox: Approve or reject content and comments created by users that cannot create approved items.
  • Deleted: Restore or purge deleted content.
  • Groups: Manage groups and users.
  • Permissions: Manage user and group role permissions.
  • Activity Report: View and download user activity reports.
  • Modules: Reorder and delete sub-folios and modules, and add modules.
    Use this view to quickly manage, edit, and delete a parent folio's sub-folios and modules.
  • Create Sub-Folio: Create a sub-folio within the parent folio.