Filtering Assets

Filters analyze a large set of assets and exclude any items that don't meet the search criteria. This allows only a subset of assets to be considered as possible hits. If you do not provide a search term in the Keyword(s) field, the refined results do not affect the scoring or relevancy of the hits.

To filter assets:
  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. In the Assets Tree, select the folder where you would like to start your filtered search.
    The system will search the folder you select and its subfolders.
  3. Click the Filter button on the toolbar. The Filter area displays in the Workspace pane.

    Assets Filtering

  4. Restrict your filtered search criteria by time and/or by type selecting the appropriate options from the Date Added and Type options.
  5. You can restrict your filtered search further by adding a search term in the Keyword(s) field.
  6. Click Filter. The results of your filtered search display in the Workspace pane.