Configuring Transform Options


Enable Transform Options to convert XML content to HTML during content publication. Administrators can apply user agents and sites to publishing targets.

To configure Transform Options:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Publishing Targets.
  2. Select the appropriate publishing target from the Managing Publishing Targets list. The Info tab displays.

    Transform Options

  3. Select the Transform pages on server during publish checkbox in the Transform Options area.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    Field Description
    User Agent Select the user agent for the transform.
    Site Select the site for the transform.
    Full MVC Support If selected, enables full MVC support.
  5. Select values for User Agent and Site.
  6. Click Save when finished.

    Caution: After you configure the user agent and site for a multi-format output (MFO) publishing target, MFO publishes can be executed. If an MFO publish is run on a page where the page name contains a forward slash (/) or backward slash (\), then the MFO publish outputs an incorrect path to the page. Ensure that no page names contain forward or backward slashes before running MFO publishes. See Renaming Pages for details to edit page names.

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