Presentation Content Units

Conceptually, Presentation Content Units leverages schema structures within Schema Designer and then applies the constructed content units in Page Builder.

Presentation Content Units and Related CMS Features

A key feature of Ingeniux CMS provides non-developers with the ability to create blocks of web-ready content without needing web technology skills. These blocks of content are called content units, and Page Builder is the feature set that manages the design of pages containing content units. With appropriate permissions, content contributors position content units within a Page Builder layout in the Design tab. See Page Builder and PCU Prerequisites for details to set user access permissions.

Administrators play an important role in preparing the Design tab for content contributors. While Ingeniux provides out-of-box content units (e.g., Visual Form Builder form and form fields), you may need to create custom content units for your organization in the Presentation Content Units area of Administration. The primary step in building content units for administrators is to select and embed the appropriate schema, which is created in Schema Designer.

In some cases, presentations for these content units may already have been developed and can be previewed in the Presentation Contents Units area. For advanced Page Builder implementations, a developer may need to build out views (or XSLT templates) for the content units used by Page Builder, so it is important for administrators to communicate any Page Builder requirements to your development team. Built-in views are located in Assets\Views\Shared\Editable in the Assets Tree of the CMS, and developer views are located in Views\Shared\Editable in the DSS project.

Content units come in two varieties:

  • Field Content Units: Wrapper around a basic field (element) type. These can be text, images, links—any kind of element type found on the Edit tab of Ingeniux CMS. Each field content unit has a unique name, default values, and a layout associated with it.
  • Component Content Units: Wrapper around a complete, component-based schema. These can contain multiple field content units.

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