Creating a Translation Project

Translation Manager is located in a site's Apps pane. Click the application to open it.

On the Create New Project tab, you can create a new translation project.

New project

Project Name: The project's display name.

Language: The language into which the project is being translated. 

Target Date: The date by which the project should be completed.

Translate Taxonomy: When selected, a site's taxonomy system is included in the translation project.

Ignore Mapping: When selected, translations replace the original pages after import. This options should be selected when no master/clone page relationship exists. 

Add Page or Section: Enter the xID of a page or folder. This becomes the root page for this section of translated content.

Include Children: When selected, the children of the page in the Add Page or Section field are included. 

Ignore Workflow: When selected, any workflows pages belong to are disregarded.

Add Items: Clicking this button allows you to select pages, components, and folders to add to the translation project.

Add by Date Range: Using the date fields, you can select for translation all master pages created within a certain time period.

Create and Submit: Submits the translation project to a database, from which it will be reimported when the translation is finished.