CMS 10.6 Oxygen Desktop Plugin Installation

Install and configure the Oxygen Desktop Plugin for CMS 10.6.


If you're installing the Oxygen Desktop Plugin for the first time, follow this process:

  1. Install CMS 10.6 Oxygen Web Service (for CMS system administrators)
  2. Install CMS 10.6 Connector Add-on
  3. Configure CMS 10.6 connection settings. Choose one of the following options based on your machine and preference:
    We recommend installing the Oxygen Desktop Plugin with Web Launcher. The web launcher feature automatically configures the Ingeniux CMS Connection Settings and OAuth identity. If you choose to install the Oxygen Desktop Plugin without Web Launcher, choose to the Connection Settings option.


If you already have Oxygen Desktop Plugin installed, then look for plugin updates as they become available over time.

See Oxygen Desktop Plugin Updates for details to install plugin updates.