Multi-Select Elements

The Multi-Select elements provide options to add predefined content to a page or component. The element has a list of predefined items of which the user selects one or more.

Types of Multi-Select elements (visible to administrators only) include:

  • Hard-Coded Choices
  • Choices from Database Query
  • Choices from CMS Node-Set
  • Choices from External Scripting

For example, the element may display abstracts for up to three news stories (the administrator configures the choice values and maximum number of displayable choices). The Multi-Select element's dialog provides a list of possible stories to display.

To use a Multi-Select element:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select a checked-out item containing a Multi-Select element. Ensure the Edit tab is selected.

    Multi-Select Element

  3. Click Select in the Multi-Select element.
    The dialog displays choice values.
  4. Select the desired item in the Choose From area (left). Use Ctrl+click to select multiple items
  5. Click the right arrow. The selected item(s) moves to the Selected Choices area (right).
    The administrator configures available choices in the Choose From area and configures the maximum number of choices added to the Selected Choices area. The set maximum cannot be exceeded.

    Multi-Select Elements

  6. Click OK.
    The selected choices display in the Multi-Select item list.