Packaging a Site

On Site Migrator's Package tab, you can select a branch of a site and convert it to a deliveriable, serialized format.

To select a site branch, enter or drag its xID to the Drag in pages to be packed field. The package consists of this page and its child pages. In the next field, enter a name for the package. 

After selecting the site branch and giving it a name, there are several options to consider:

  • Preserve categorization for pages: When enabled, includes the pages' taxonomy information (in the form of the taxonomy tree XML file) in the package.

  • Package associated categories: When enabled, packages a site's full taxonomy tree.

  • As Archive: When enabled, deletes the selected page and its descendants after the package has been created. As the name implies, this option is useful when archiving sections of a site.

  • Integrity check: Checks whether the site node about to be packaged is self-contained. If the package contains any references to xIDs outside the node (links, navigation start pages, component references), a list of these xIDs appears in the Status area. 

    If the package contains missing xIDs, you can still proceed with it. Note, however, that the pages may contain broken references when imported to a new site.

When you're ready to package the selected pages, click Package. The resulting package is stored at [siteName]\App_Data\xml\Custom\SiteMigrator9\packages\[packageName]. Its structure looks as follows:

  • files: The XML file for each page in the package.
    • presentations: Any page presentations and content units associated with the packaged pages.
  • Schemas: The XML schemas associated with pages in the package.
  • Stylesheets: The style sheets associated with pages in the package. This includes style sheets for page presentations.
  • tree.xml: The site tree for the packaged pages, which defines the relationships between them.
  • TaxonomyTree.xml: The taxonomy tree for the packaged pages. Only included when Preserve categorization for pages is enabled.