Editing Asset Schemas

Prerequisites: See Schema Designer Prerequisites for details.

Modify asset schema configurations, elements, and attributes as well as upload a new thumbnail to represent a particular asset schema.

To edit an asset schema:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer > Management.
  2. In the Asset Types tab, select the schema you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit in the Actions menu. The schema displays in the Create/Edit view.
  4. Make changes to fields as described in Creating Asset Schemas.
  5. Optional: You can upload a thumbnail image to replace the schema's default icon. See Uploading Schema Thumbnail Images for details.
  6. Optional: Add a workflow to the schema within Workflow Configuration. See Associating Workflows with Schemas for details.
  7. Click Save when you finish updating the schema. The Save Schema dialog displays.

    Save Schema Dialog

  8. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Click Save Draft. Schema Designer saves the schema as a draft.

      Note: If you save the schema as a draft, you make changes without applying them. The schema displays in the schema type table and not in circulation. You can't use the draft to create an asset until you save the new version.

    • Click Save new version. Schema Designer saves your schema as a new version.

    Note: If you add elements or attributes to an existing schema and want them to display in existing assets associated with the schema, see Schema Synchronization for details.