Configuring local-appsettings.config


Users must have system administrator rights on the content management server.

System administrators can configure key/value pairs in the local-appsettings.config. Only configure key/value pairs for specific use-case scenarios as directed by Ingeniux Support.


Configure local-appsettings.config to match the local domain used in users.xml. If you do not use a domain prefix within users.xml, set the value to an empty string.

Version Notes: CMS 10.6

CMS 10.6 local-appsettings.config provides configuration settings for SSH replication and CMS Asset SFTP access and for asset text search functionality.

To configure local-appsettings.config:

  1. Navigate to [Drive]:\[path-to-cms-root-folder] in File Explorer.
  2. Open local-appsettings.config in a text editor.
  3. Make configuration changes where needed based on the following reference information.
  4. Save the local-appsettings.config file when you finish, and recycle the CMS application pool for the settings to take effect.