Creating Groups

How to Create Groups | Create user groups and assign permissions to each group.

Users belong to at least one user group. Administrators create and assign permissions to user groups. Each group member inherits the set of permissions assigned to their user group.

To create a group:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users/Groups > Groups.
  2. Click New Group. The Info tab displays.

    New Group

  3. Enter the user group name in the Group Name field.
  4. Optional: In the Type field, provide a description of the group. This description displays in the Groups view after saving your changes.
  5. In the Permissions area, select or clear permissions for the group. Enable permissions individually or by block. See List of Permissions for details about each permission.

    New Group Permissions

    Version Notes: CMS 10.3+
    As of Ingeniux CMS 10.3+, you can save sets of preselected permissions to reuse in other groups. See Creating Roles for details.
  6. Click Save when you finish. The new group displays in the Groups view.

    Save New Group

    Additional Info:

    Saving assigns a unique ID to the group. To view the ID, select the group in the Groups view. The Group ID displays as a dimmed field between the Group Name and Type fields in the Info tab.

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