Deleting Schemas

Prerequisites: See Schema Designer Prerequisites for details.

Schema Designer provides the option to delete unused, irrelevant, or deprecated schemas. If schemas have no associated pages, components, assets, or content units, users can delete the schema(s).

Deletion permanently removes the schemas from Ingeniux CMS.
To delete a schema:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer.
  2. Select the schema from the appropriate tab in the Management view. Use Ctrl+Click to multi-select schemas.
  3. Click Delete in the Actions menu. A confirmation dialog displays.
    If you delete a component schema with associated presentation content units, the CMS removes the schema from its content unit associations. Select another component schema to associate these orphaned content units. See Presentation Content Units for details.

    Delete Schema

  4. Click OK. Schema Designer permanently deletes the schema(s) from Ingeniux CMS.

If items associated with the schemas exist, an error message prevents you from deleting the schemas. To locate associated items, see Checking Schema Usage for details. To delete associated items from the Recycle Folder, see Emptying the Recycle Folder for details.