Installation and Setup

Cartella Installation and Setup: Install the Cartella software. Configure and customize the installation.

Cartella is an enterprise social software solution that makes it easy to share information and collaborate online. Cartella is designed to help companies manage web content, social publishing, collaborative communities, and rich media—all on a single platform. Whether you're launching a sales extranet, an employee intranet, or an enterprise-level social network, Cartella provides powerful, innovative solutions.

Built from the ground up with Microsoft .NET's new MVC technology, Cartella empowers developers to create enterprise 2.0 web solutions and mash social content with back-office applications. MVC redefines how .NET software may be developed and extended, making it web-friendly, easy to customize and integrate, and highly secure.

This section describes the initial setup of the Cartella software, the creation of a local Cartella instance, the configuration of a SQL database to store Cartella data, the removal of the Cartella software, and the configuration and customization of a Cartella instance after it has been installed. This section is intended for system administrators or IT professionals responsible for the maintenance and configuration of the application. You should have experience navigating Windows and Microsoft SQL Server and be able to edit XML configuration files.