Security in Assets

Administrators can control which groups and users have access to CMS operations and objects in the Assets area. See the tables for details about specific authorization settings.

Authorization Settings in Assets Area

Asset Items (i.e., folders, assets)Grant Full Access or Read-Only permissions to groups for individual asset items.
Asset FoldersDetermine which asset types can exist in individual folders.

Authorization Settings in Administration Affecting Asset Content

SchemasDetermine which schemas groups can choose to create content items.
Assets Tree Content MenuDetermine available context menu options for groups.
Translation and LocalizationDetermine who can translate and localize asset items and define available languages for asset items.
UsersManage each user's account status, credentials, and language permissions.
User's MembershipsManage each user's group memberships. Memberships grant group permissions to users.
GroupsDefine and apply common sets of permissions (i.e., roles) to members of each group.
Group memberships and permissions serve as the primary CMS authorization mechanism.
Group MembersManage each group's user members. Members receive the group's permissions.
WorkflowsDetermine which users and groups have access to execute actions or access content items only under specific conditions.
Publishing TargetsDetermine which groups can check in, mark for publish, or publish content to individual targets.
Publishing ProfilesDetermine which groups can check in, mark for publish, or publish content to individual profiles.
Taxonomy CategoriesDetermine which groups can access individual categories.

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