Checking Out Pages

A checked out page can be modified. The page is assigned to the person who has checked out the page. Only the person who checks out the page can make changes to it.

To check out a page:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the desired page in the Site Tree.
    Once a page is selected, the following notice reminds you that the page needs to be checked out before it can be edited:
    This page must be checked out to you before you can edit it!

    Notice to Check Out Pages

  3. Click Check Out in the main pane toolbar, or right-click the page in the Site Tree and select Check Out.
    To check out a page and its children, right-click the parent page in the Site Tree and select Check Out > Page and Children.

    Check out a page

    When pages, folders, and assets are checked out, their respective icons turn blue.