Administration Settings

Administration (located in the main navigation bar) provides features for administrators to configure and manage Ingeniux CMS. Most of the CMS configuration is done within Administration.

This section includes:

  • Analytics: Review where website traffic is coming from, which site pages are most popular, and what changes are needed to enhance the site.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.6 vs. CMS 10.0–10.5

    In CMS 10.6, administrators access and enable Analytics in Administration > Analytics.

    In CMS 10.5 and below, users access and enable Analytics through the Analytics tab.

  • DITA: Use the DITA authoring and publishing pipeline to author content in DITA, transform that content into normalized XML, and then generate output for presentation via ASP.NET MVC views.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.6
    CMS 10.6 provides the DITA authoring and publishing pipeline. See DITA Processing Pipeline in Ingeniux CMS for details about how DITA integrates with pipeline features.
  • Find/Replace: Search and modify site content.
  • InSite Search Configuration: Configure InSite Search.
  • Localization: Translate localized site content.
  • Maintenance: View database states, configure a content freeze, manage site exports, and view logs.
  • Page Creation Rules: Manage where, how, and by whom pages can be created.
  • Presentation Content Units: Create and edit content units for Page Builder.
  • Publishing Logs: Review log data for individual publishing and replication targets.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.6 vs. CMS 10.0–10.5

    In CMS 10.6, Publishing Logs displays as part of the Administration navigation menu options.

    In CMS 10.0–10.5, users can only access Publishing Logs via the View More... button in Administration > Publishing Monitor > Publishing. When users click View More..., Publishing Logs displays in a new web browser tab.

  • Publishing Monitor: View the progression and completion of publishes.
  • Publishing System: Manage the site's publishing system.
  • Redirects: Manage the site's 301 redirects.
  • Reports: Run internal site analytics.
  • Schema Designer: Create, edit, and synchronize page, component, and asset schemas.
  • System Options: Configure options for a variety of site functionality.
  • Taxonomy: Manage site-wide categories.
  • Users/Groups: Manage users and groups and assign permissions.
  • Workflows Designer: Create and edit workflows for site content.

Special Topics for Administrators

The following Special Topics for Admin help administrators to complete tasks that cannot be accomplished within the Administration pane or that require special attention.

This section includes:

Prerequisite Topics for CMS Features

Particular CMS features and toolsets require administrators to complete prerequisites before they become available for use.

Configuration prerequisites for major CMS features include:

local-appsettings.config Configuration

System administrators can configure local-appsettings.config key/value pairs within the CMS file system to apply individual application settings. The local-appsettings.config file contains configuration key/value pairs, CMS 10.6 SSH replication and CMS Asset SFTP access cipher suites, and CMS 10.6 asset text search index settings.

See Configuring local-appsettings.config for details.