Checking DITA Preview Output

Prerequisites: For the DITA Preview tab, system administrators must have views in place for the DITA page schema.

Review the preview generated within the DITA Preview and XML tabs to see if the output generates as expected. Check for errors or discrepancies that may display within the output.

To check the DITA preview output in the DITA Preview or XML tab:

  1. Generate the DITA preview output the DITA Preview or XML tab. Choose one of the following steps:
    If the DITA Preview or XML tab Log screen indicates the DITA-OT transformation process failed, then proceed to Next Steps.
  2. Review the preview to see whether the views or XML content display as expected. Note whether DITA preview views and XML content contain broken links, have missing content, etc.
    Keep this information in mind as you proceed to subsequent troubleshooting sections. Knowing whether the DITA preview and XML content has inconsistencies will help you to pinpoint DITA preview conflicts.

Next Steps:

After noting DITA output generation results, return to the appropriate troubleshooting topic to continue diagnosing your issue.