Moving Assets

Prerequisites: CMS administrators must grant permissions to users before users can move assets items in the Assets Tree. See User Group Permissions Reference for details and other permission options.

When users move asset items (i.e., assets and asset items), the system retains the items' original IDs. The ways that Ingeniux CMS handles moving assets is different than those of pages in the Site Tree.

All assets reside in folders within the Assets Tree. The folders display assets in alphabetical order based on each asset's file name; therefore, users cannot reorder assets within the same folder. However, users can move assets from one folder to another.

Also, assets in the same folder always maintain a sibling relationship because, unlike with pages in the Site Tree, the Assets Tree has no concept of a parent/child relationship among assets.

In addition to assets, you can move asset folders. Like assets, asset folders display in alphabetical order within the Assets Tree, so users cannot change the order unless they rename the folders.

Note: For organizational purposes, users can move one folder into another folder. Moving asset items in the Assets Tree can cause structured URLs associated with the items to change. See Configuring Structured URLs for details.

To move an asset from one folder to another within the Assets Tree:

  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. Select the asset to move in the Assets Tree.
  3. Choose one of the following processes:
    • Drag the asset to its new folder within the Assets Tree.

      Note: You can select more than one asset to drag by pressing the CTRL+Click or the CTRL+Shift+Click shortcut keys.

      Dragging an Asset to New Folder

    • Cut and paste the asset via the context menu.
      1. Right-click the asset (the asset you want to move from its current folder to another folder), and select Cut in the context menu.

        Note: You can select more than one asset to move by pressing the CTRL+Click or the CTRL+Shift+Click shortcut keys.

        Context Menu: Moving an Asset

      2. Right-click the target folder, and select Paste in the context menu.

        Moving Assets: Context Menu - Paste

        The relocated asset now displays in the target folder.

      3. Optional: If the relocated asset doesn't immediately display, then refresh the Assets Tree. After moving an asset to a new folder, you may need to refresh the Assets Tree.

      Note: Alternatively, you can use the Cut (Ctrl+X) and Paste (Ctrl+V) shortcut keys to achieve the same results.