Folio and Module Managers

Moderators vs. Folio Administrators

Moderators and Folio Administrators are default roles in Cartella that are made up of specific permissions. If users and groups are assigned these roles for specific folios, sub-folios, and modules, they can access the specific management views associated with their permissions.

See Setting Up Permissions to configure roles and permissions for users and groups.
See Role Management to configure new roles with moderator and folio administrators and view permission details.

Moderators have access to the Inbox and Deleted management views to approve, delete, edit, restore, and purge content within folios, sub-folios, and modules.

Folio Administrators have access to all management views to manage folios, sub-folios, and modules, groups, permissions, and reports.


In Cartella, folios represent the top level of the content hierarchy. Like folders in a file structure, folios contain items. Assembled folios by subject matter, department, business process, or any other rubric that makes sense for your organization. Folios subdivide into modules, which group content by type.

Click a folio to navigate to a specific folio in the top navigation on the Cartella home view.
Only site administrators can create top-level folios. Folio administrators can create sub-folios.

Folio Home View

Sections in a folio include:

  • Browse: Modules available to users for uploading content.
  • Folio Navigation: Navigation to view the folio structure and navigate to sub-folios. The bold item indicates which folio home view currently displays.
  • Most Active Users: Recently active users within the folio.
  • Recent Activity: Recent actions performed within the folio and folio modules.
    Click the RSS Feed icon to view the RSS feed.


Sub-folios function as folios and contain the same types of modules. Sub-folios (i.e., child folios) nest within folios or sub-folios. The sub-folio home view is identical to the folio home view. The breadcrumb navigation displays the sub-folio's parent folio.

The folio navigation on a folio's home view displays its relationships to nested sub-folios.

The selected sub-folio's parent only displays in the Folio Navigation section (i.e., grandparent folios don't display for selected sub-folios).

Browse Modules


Folios and sub-folios group content by subject matter and modules subdivide content according to type (images, documents, forums, etc).

Folio modules display in the folio's and sub-folio's home views. Modules of the same title in sub-folios are not the same modules that exist in their parent folios. Parent folio modules and sub-folio modules exist individually (i.e., if you upload a blog post to the parent folio's Blogs, the same post doesn't exist the in the sub-folio's Blogs module and vice versa).

By default, a new folio contains four module types:

  • Documents
  • Blogs
  • Galleries
  • External

Administrators have permissions to configure default modules.

These modules appear in the folio view in the navigation to the left.

Browse Modules

The navigation bar duplicates the structure at the top of the folio home view, so that the navigation is available anywhere in the folio.

Top Module Navigation


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