Managing Translation Projects

The Open Projects and Completed Projects tabs display pending and finished projects, respectively. 

The Open Projects tab displays each project's name, language, target date, and number of pages. 

Open projects

There are two actions you can take on open projects:

Copy: Create a copy of the project in a new target language.

copy project

Details: Opens a more-detailed view of a project's configuration data.

details view

This section contains additional options.


  • View Log: Displays the project's workflow history. When the Project Re-Opened line shows that the project is complete, you can import it to the CMS.
  • Import Project: Imports and synchronizes the lingual page and component copies with the translated content.
  • Cancel Request: Returns you to the Open Projects tab.


The Completed Projects tab displays nearly identical information as the Details view. Clicking Reopen Project reopens a translation project, and it appears on the Open Projects tab.