Installation and Upgrades

Among its many improvements, Ingeniux CMS 10.5+ updated its database tier to RavenDB 4.2; whereas, prior releases of CMS 10.x are based on RavenDB 3.x. While the installation process of CMS 10.5+ is similar to earlier releases, there are a few key changes.

For example, in the CMS 10.5+ installation wizard, you can choose to run RavenDB on a server other than where your CMS instance resides. Also, RavenDB 4.2 authentication relies on certificate-based security, so the CMS 10.5+ installation wizard provides new certificate configuration sections throughout the setup process.

When installing Ingeniux CMS 10.x, use the documentation set that corresponds to your particular version.

Note: Ensure that you have configured the appropriate Windows Server prior to installing any version of Ingeniux CMS.

This section includes: