Page Creation Rules

Page Creation Rules (PCRs) provide administrators with an organization method to create specified content types at specified places in the Site Tree. Working in combination with group, user, and workflow permissions, PCRs add another layer of security and efficiency to the system.

PCRs predetermine properties for new pages and components. These properties describe:

  • What types of content items users can create.
  • Which users can apply PCRs to create content items.
  • Where users can create content items in the Site Tree.
  • Which workflows apply to content items.

You can apply properties to PCRs and search for PCRs in the Page Creation Rules Manager. With tightly defined procedures, PCRs prevent the random distribution of pages in the site and keep administrative overhead at a minimum.

Page Creation Rules Manager

Using PCRs to Create Content

Groups and users with appropriate permissions can use PCRs to create pages and components in the Site Tree.

Use the following features to access PCRs for content creation: