Building Workflows

How to Build Workflows | Use the Workstates, Designing Workflow, and Transitions areas to build workflows.

Prerequisites: See Workflows Designer Prerequisites for details.

Complete the four main steps to build a workflow:

  1. Creating the Workflow: Name the workflow, and choose a template or start from scratch.
  2. Creating Workstates: Identify status and tasks for content items in the workflow.
  3. Designing the Workflow: Use the Designing Workflow area context menu to replace the start node, configure transition connections, or delete workstates and transitions.
  4. Creating Transitions: Configure how content items advance between workstates.
    • Adding Actions (optional): Configure actions (e.g., check in, publish) to automatically execute before or during the transition.

After you set up workflows, you may want to manage workflows with reports.

You can also manage multilingual sites with WorldView workflows.