Checking In DITA Content

Prerequisites: Users must have permissions to check in and out assets in the CMS Assets Manager. See Creating Groups for details to set permissions.

After completing edits, users can check in DITA and other XML content to the CMS Assets Manager. The Check In action creates a new version of the content that includes the changes made during the check-out session.
To check in a CMS DITA content via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin:
  1. Open the Oxygen XML Editor application.
  2. Navigate to a checked-out item within the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab tree structure.
    An unlock icon displays next to checked-out items assigned to you in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab. If you hover over a checked-out item, the tooltip text displays Checked Out and assigned to [name-of-operating-cms-user].
  3. To check in the item, choose one of the following steps.
    • Right-click the item in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab, and select Check In (or press CTRL+Shift+I).

      Check In via Ingeniux CMS Browser Tab

    • Double-click the item in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab to display the item in the main pane Editor. Select Check In in the toolbar (or press CTRL+Alt+I).

      Check In via Toolbar

    The Check In dialog displays.
  4. Optional: Enter comments about the item in the text field.
    The CMS Assets Manager UI displays these comments in the Notes field of the document asset's Overview tab.

    Check In Document in CMS Dialog

  5. Select Check In.
    The system checks in the new content version to the CMS, and, depending on the Close Editor After Check In / Undo Check Out checkbox setting, the content remains open or closes in Oxygen XML Editor's main pane.
    Depending on your CMS version, see Configuring CMS 10.6 Connection Settings or Configuring CMS 10.3–10.5 Connection Settings for details to configure the Close Editor After Check In / Undo Check Out checkbox setting.

    The item's checked-out (unlock) icon switches to the checked-in (page) icon in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab.

When operating users open a checked-in item in the Oxygen Desktop Plugin, the item displays in read-only mode.